Tamila Tex SRL was founded in 1998 in Bucharest, Romania, with a mix of canadian and romanian capital. At the time its principal activity was the import and sale of furniture fabrics, in large part from Canada and the U.S.A.
In 1999 the company opened its first furniture showroom thereby expanding its domain. The showroom is located in a very populated area of the city, for clients with medium-to-low incomes and therefore operating with a modest mark-up. It was a notable success and the volume of sales exceeded expectations.
At the present, Tamilia Tex is primarily occupied with the renting of commercial spaces for the presentation and retail of furniture and interior decorations.
For this purpose it possesses a commercial hall of approximately 12000sqm, where more than 40 brands from all over the country present a wide variety of furniture for the home or office, as well as rugs, decorations, fabrics, etc… for every budget.
In 2001, in conjunction with its own commercial furniture galleries, Tamilia Tex began promoting other centres having similiar objectives. The first amongst these was Mobilia Center Brasov in 2001, followed by Mobilia Center Iasi in 2006, Mobilia Center Bucharest in 2007, and most recently Mobilia Center Cluj in 2008. Likewise, Tamilia Tex is collaborating with Mobilia in Sibiu and Pitesti.
B-dul Ghencea, nr. 79,sector 6, Bucuresti-Tel: (021) 413-2643, Fax: (021) 413-2993, E-mail: tamilia@tamilia.ro  
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